Rules of conduct


1. For reasons of space and safety, please leave your sports bag in the changing room.

2. The entire sauna area is a nude zone. You can always cover yourself with a towel or bathrobe, but not with a swimming costume.

3. Please respect the personal space of other members.

4. To prevent infection, we recommend wearing bathing shoes in wet areas.

5. Please shower with soap in the changing room before using the sauna.

6. For reasons of hygiene, always sit or lie on a towel.

7. Always shower after using the sauna.

8. When using the sauna, please show consideration for other users who are seeking rest and relaxation.

9. Please ensure absolute quite in the rest room in consideration of other guests.

10. Mobile phones are strictly forbidden in the whole sauna zone.

11. In the event of emergency, please activate the emergency switch next to the sauna door.

12. Please observe the times reserved for sauna use by men and by women.

13. Staff members of both genders are authorised to enter the wellness area at any time.

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