It all began with ex-ski racer Peter Müller, who opened a fitness room for training in the lower part of the Adliswil indoor pool in 1982. In 1996, Vincenzo Pugliese assumed ownership of the sole proprietorship and steered Pitsch Fitness Center to success with investments in the infrastructure and a greater focus on customer service.

With the establishment of a GmbH (comparable to a limited liability company) in 1999, he expanded the premises to a total 500 square metres in 2001 in cooperation with the municipality of Adliswil, further consolidating the centre’s position in the market. In 2003, Pitsch Fitness Center finally got the go-ahead for an extension covering an additional 600 square metres as part of the renovation of the Adliswil outdoor pool. The centre was able to expand its facilities in the areas of fitness, aerobics and the Kidsclub and in particular the atmospheric wellness park covering 200 square metres.

This means that today Pitsch Fitness Center, together with the municipality of Adliswil, boasts extensive sport and leisure facilities of around 2000 square metres as well as some 40 qualified full-time and part-time employees. As part of the renovation of the municipal indoor pool Pitsch Fitness Center is currently being expanded with a completely new, separate longitudinal building, which will enable it to offer a completely new premium center from Juni 2020. >>More...