House rules

It is not allowed to take sports bags and street clothes into the training rooms. These will be kept locked in the locker. 

It is mandatory to wear sportswear in the training rooms. It is forbidden to train with the upper body free. 

The wearing of clean and closed sports shoes is mandatory. Street shoes are not allowed in the training rooms. 

For hygienic reasons, the use of a towel is mandatory when training.

After use, exercise machines and training equipment (seat/couch surface, display, handles, etc.) must be cleaned with the disinfectant provided.

Once the workout is finished, the dumbbells, barbells and weight plates must be removed by the respective user.

In the case of multi-set training, the device must be released after each completed set in order not to disturb the operational training. This also applies if several persons train together. Pausing on the equipment is not allowed.

Drinks are only allowed on the training area in closed bottles. We will gladly fill up the bottles. Tap water in a glass is not served at the counter.

Food is not allowed in the training area, only at the counter.

For data protection reasons, the taking of photos and videos in checkrooms and showers is strictly prohibited.

The coloring of hair, shaving, depilation as well as nail care in checkrooms and showers are prohibited.

Any consumption of cigarettes and prohibited substances is prohibited. 

For insurance reasons no children are allowed in the training areas.

In case of loss of the chip bracelet, the deposit fee of CHF 40 will be charged again.