Body Therapy

The focus of polarity therapy is the relaxing equilibrium of the full body. Blocked energy is brought back into flow with gentle touching, pressure point techniques or deep massage. The work is done while clothed.


Polarity therapy has a wide range of applications, and is therefore suitable for prevention, increasing well-being and treating acute and chronic complaints, specifically for tension, back pain, postural problems, headaches, migraines, stress, exhaustion, nervousness, digestive and menstrual problems or after illness and operations to reduce recovery and convalescence times, especially for athletes.


Polarity therapy was founded by Dr. Stone. He studied chiropractics, osteopathy, naturopathy and neuropathology. By studying various Eastern medical traditions, he gained new knowledge and developed a synthesis of Eastern and Western treatment methods.


A treatment lasts 60 minutes and costs CHF 135; each additional 5 minutes is charged CHF 12. The treatment is recognized by supplementary health insurers (except for Visana). However, polarity therapy is not intended to and cannot replace treatment by a doctor.


Peter Kappeler
Dipl. Polarity Therapist RPP
Pitsch Fitness Center GmbH
Talstrasse 10
8134 Adliswil
+41 79 314 08 61

Further education and training

  • SE Practitioner (psycho-physiological concept for the treatment of trauma), Swiss Center for Internal Ecology, Zurich
  • Qualified polarity practitioner (body therapy, synthesis of Western and Eastern methods), Swiss Polarity Therapy Center, Zurich
  • Strength training instructor ADOK, Kieser Training Switzerland
  • Manual pain therapist
  • Dipl. Associate Instructor for Tai Chi basics, Migros Club School SVEB1
  • Qualified yoga teacher