Indulge yourself with a soothing massage in our beautiful premises – always with an individual touch for optimal results.

Mikael Assarson

Sports Teacher ETH, Physiotherapist, Masseur

Sports Massage 60 Min.CHF 120
Connective Tissue Massage 60 Min. CHF 120
Relaxation Massage 60 Min. CHF 120
11-session Subscriptionà 60 Min.CHF 1200
Partial Body Massage30 Min. CHF 60

Not recognized by health insurance/subject to change.



SMT® Therapy

SMT® is a gentle manual therapy whose efficiency in treating back and joint pain, diseases of internal organs, and psychological conditions is so far unmatched. Its fundamentals are based on spinal therapy according to Dorn, further developed by the German general practitioner Dr. med. Michael Graulich into a holistic treatment concept that combines the knowledge of classical medicine, insights from osteopathy, and Chinese meridian theory. >>more


Barbara Pugliese
Certified SMT® Therapist, Masseur

SMT® Therapy60 Min.CHF 120
MULTI 11à 60 Min.CHF 1200

Not recognized by health insurance/subject to change.




With the TherapieCentrum Sihltal, we are expanding our services to include physiotherapy and Medical Exercise Therapy (MTT). The friendly team welcomes you directly in their practice within our facility and provides support, guidance, and motivation using our state-of-the-art training equipment. As a member of the Swiss Physiotherapy Association, we are pleased to have the TherapieCentrum Sihltal as a strong partner by our side.