The foundations of SMT® draw on Dorn’s spinal therapy, further developed by the German physician Dr Michael Graulich, creating a completely new, holistic treatment concept that combines the knowledge of traditional medicine, insights from osteopathy and Chinese meridian theory. This is a gentle manual therapy with unparalleled efficiency in treating back and joint pain, internal organ conditions and the mind. Widely practised in Germany, we can now officially offer you this unique therapy in the Pitsch Fitness Center.

Application principle

Unhindered flow in the nervous, energy and immune systems relies on a perfect bone system. Gentle pressure returns joints, pelvis and spine to their original anatomical positions to release blockages and alleviate pain – the body heals itself. For maximum muscle relaxation, SMT® is combined with elements of traditional massage as well as MST – manual pain therapy.

Treatment sequence

Targeted MST massage for muscle hardening
Correction of leg length/pelvic girdle/spine/joints using SMT®
Traditional relaxing massage
Correction of harmful patterns of movement and posture
Introduction to exercises for supervised self-treatment

Treatment duration

SMT® is a highly effective method that can also be used as for preventative health care by every age group, including children. However, the duration of treatment depends on the age of the patient and/or the cause of the complaint, the severity of the condition and the degree of muscle tension. A key factor for long-term results is the subject’s willingness to undergo supervised self-treatment and/or give up harmful patterns of movement or posture. However, SMT® can only function as a preventative and therapy if the spine-related malfunctions and conditions have not yet caused irreparable damage or changes to internal organs.


Barbara Pugliese-Schmid
Certified SMT® therapist/certified health masseuse
Pitsch Fitnesscenter GmbH
Talstrasse 10
8134 Adliswil
+41 79 211 94 20


60 minutes CHF 90
Multi 11 CHF 900


1990 Gymnastics teacher
2012 Therapeutic masseuse
2013 SMT® therapist

Certificates/course cards

10-11/05/2010: Dorn method of gentle spinal therapy, Body-Harmony Zurich
11/09/2010: Spiraldynamik – shoulder and neck, STV/FSG Cham
30/10/2010: Dorn Plus targeted training in Dorn therapy, Body-Harmony Zurich
21-22/10/2011: Gentle Pain Therapy MST course 1, Bodyfeet Rapperswil
03-04/03/2012: SMT® – Dr Graulich method of Gentle Manual Therapy basic seminar, Dr Graulich Ottobeuren D
21-22/04/2012: SMT® – Dr Graulich method of Gentle Manual Therapy intermediate seminar, Dr Graulich Ottobeuren D
03-04/10/2012: Gentle Pain Therapy MST course 2, Bodyfeet Rapperswil
12-13/10/2013: SMT® – Dr Graulich method of Gentle Manual Therapy advanced seminar, Dr Graulich Ottobeuren D
17/04/2015: BLS-AED Swiss Resuscitation Councils (SRC) complete course
22/03/2017: BLS-AED-SRC Swiss Resuscitation Councils (SRC) refresher course