Course description



Antara® leads to greater back strength, a flatter abdomen and better posture. Calm, precise and intensive exercise sequences activate both your core system and balance, and train coordination – ideal for any age.


Effective yet gentle training in the water under the guidance of top qualified instructors for ambitions in leisure and competitive sports, for rehabilitation or for fitness in everyday life.


This class focuses on strengthening all the muscles. Tackle problem zones with varied exercises, with your own body weight or using various aids.

Body Pump®

The original barbell workout from New Zealand offers athletic full-body training to improve strength, endurance and coordination. It trains the main muscle groups – legs, buttocks, back, chest, arms and abdomen. You determine the training load yourself by choosing your own weights.

Express Abs

Express Abs is a 15-minute intensive abdominal and core workout. The dynamic workout helps to achieve a toned and defined abs and stabilize the torso area – for a six-pack and a strong core!

Kids Dance

In Kids Dance you learn different styles such as hip hop, street dance, modern and contemporary. The latest dance steps and choreographies are rehearsed to trendy music.


M.A.X.® is a 30-minute intensive full-body workout. The selection of exercises and interval combinations improves endurance, strength, coordination and stability, guaranteeing highly effective training. >>to the video
Core is a form of training designed to improve body stability and coordination of the mid-section of your body. All of your core and deep muscles are activated and strengthened with a range of exercises.


Body training with the pilates method is designed to support your entire body from within. The key here is stabilisation of the pelvis, followed by ideal alignment of the joints.

Rückengymnastik (Back exercises)

Here you carry out gentle exercises under physio-therapeutic instruction to prevent and treat back problems. Back muscles and other associated muscles are warmed up, strengthened and stretched.


smartAbs/Express Abs is an intensive 30-minute fitness workout that focuses on muscles and body shape. The latest findings are used to train the torso region – effective training guaranteed!


Spinning is a motivating endurance training in a group. The training is done on special spinning bikes on which the pedalling resistance can be individually determined. The use of a heart rate monitor is recommended.


Dance elements and classic step aerobics are combined with infectious choreography on a height-adjustable platform. Endurance, fat-burning and coordinative abilities are improved.


This involves varied strength and endurance training using a height-adjustable platform. You can select from a range of aids to use in the strengthening exercises.


Stretching leads to increased flexibility of muscles, tendons, and ligaments, which is a prerequisite for a healthy musculoskeletal system. In addition, stretching can alleviate tension, reduce stress, and consequently contribute to greater well-being and body awareness.


TRX® is a highly effective full-body workout using a non-elastic belt system. It is exercised with the own body weight as training resistance both standing and lying down. It improves strength endurance, body stability and posture.


Yoga is a method and a form of exercise based on ancient Indian philosophy. Yoga is composed of a centring, dynamic warm-up with invigorating yoga positions, active stretching, and strengthening of the body’s entire musculature.


ZUMBA® combines dance and fitness and is guaranteed to bring you out in a sweat – easy-to-follow steps and moves accompanied by Latin rhythms make for a full-body workout that will have you coming back for more!