Frequently asked questions

When can I use Kidsclub?

Kidsclub is only open during official supervision hours.

Do Kidsclub opening hours apply all year round?

Please take note of the special opening hours during Adliswil school holidays.

Can my child come with me while I exercise?

You may not take children into the changing room, the fitness area or to aerobics.

Can I give my child food and drink to take to Kidsclub?

Drinks and snacks are welcome with the exception of sweets, sweet drinks and nuts.

Will my child have to wear slippers in Kidsclub?

For safety reasons, we ask that your child wears slippers or non-slip socks.

What happens if my child needs a nappy change at Kidsclub?

Nappy changes are the responsibility of the parent.

What if my child is sick or has allergies, etc.?

Out of consideration for the other children, we do not accept sick children. Please let us know about any allergies, etc.

Your Question

We will alert you if your child is not happy.

When do I need to pick up my child from Kidsclub?

Out of respect for the staff, we ask that you pick your child up on time.