Our steam bath and sauna facilities are intended for use as part of a hot-cold cycle. This means that cooling the body down after sitting in the sauna or steam bath is recommended. Use the cold shower facilities before renormalising your body’s functions with a warm foot bath and taking a break in the rest room. Our steam bath and sauna facilities can be used in rotation. You can, for example, use the Finnish sauna followed by the steam bath followed by the biosauna. Cooling down after using the steam bath or sauna, then warming up your feet and taking some time to relax is the optimal cycle to promote your physical well-being.


The biosauna (‘tepidarium’) was a place to meet and talk in the ancient world. The ambient temperature is brought to a comfortable 50 to 60°C by the heated seats and walls and the effects of the radiant heat, with a relative humidity of around 40 to 55%. A session in the biosauna is both gentle and stimulating. It puts minimal strain on the circulatory system, primarily promoting relaxation and regeneration. This is further promoted by the diffusion of pure essential oils. Each visitor can decide for themselves how long to stay in the biosauna. Its sole aim is to promote personal well-being. The biosauna can be used daily.

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is a dry heat sauna, heated to 80 to 90°C with a relative humidity of 10 to 15%. It is proven to have positive effects on the automatic nervous system. The Finns say that anger turns to steam in a sauna. It is known to have positive effects on sleep patterns (more deep sleep phases and fewer half-waking phases after using the sauna). It is also proven to have a regulating effect on blood pressure. The Finnish sauna is ideal for detoxifying the body and for skin treatment. It is also good for cardio training, helps muscles regenerate after body training and promotes general well-being. The recommended amount of time to spend in the Finnish sauna is 8 to 12 minutes, with a maximum of 15 minutes.

Instructions for use in combination with body training:
For regeneration after fitness training: 1 or 2 sessions of 10 minutes each.
For health reasons: 3 sessions of maximum 15 minutes once a week.

Steam bath

The steam bath (‘caldarium’) has a relative humidity of 100% and a temperature of 45°C. It is also known as a ‘mist bath’. It creates a warm, damp environment. The steam contains essential oils. Breathing in these essences and aromas makes the steam bath particularly good for the upper respiratory system. The humidity also makes it ideal for skin treatment and promotes circulation. The recommended amount of time to spend in the steam bath is 10 to 20 minutes. In one evening, visitors can enjoy two or three sessions, each followed by a cold cycle.